Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Going red!

So i've been blonde - brunette - blonde - brunette - blonde - now i'm brunette but i've never ventured out of the bleached blonde or dark brown zone. Everyone i see seems to have red hair at the minute and i'm starting to feel a bit out of place! I've got red undertones in my brown so that it didn't go khaki from where its blonde underneath but that's about as far as it goes. Im thinking a plum/mahogany colour but not too red as im a bit worried it wont suit my skin tone! Im thinking Lucy Meck's plum colour crossed with Cheryl Cole's Mahogany 550 ? 

Basically a liiittle bit less red than that!

Hopefully going on and on about my hair on here will lessen the stress on my rather lovely boyfriend Ollie who is always at the recieving end of anything to do with my hair!
Going for a strand test on Friday and to have a chat with my hairdresser Danielle to see exactly what shade to go!


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